Unique Focus & Approach

VITΛL FUEL SYSTEMS (Formerly Petroleum Equipment Solutions, Inc.) was founded by Billy Pierce in 1995 with a simple idea in mind – to provide excellent service by highly knowledgeable and friendly people providing and installing non-retail petroleum fuel systems for commercial market customers with a special focus on mission-critical facilities.

VITΛL FUEL SYSTEMS is a full- service petroleum equipment distributor and contractor with General Contracting and Electrical Licenses in Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina as well as a UST / AST Contracting License in Tennessee.

Unique Focus

Unlike most of our competitors whose business is built-around and focused on building cookie-cutter retail gas stations, VITΛL FUEL SYSTEMS is solely focused on commercial projects and specializes in generator and boiler fuel systems. Because of our unique focus, we understand the nuances and complexities of these systems and can therefore design and install reliable solutions. We understand the commercial construction world and thrive in it every day.

Unique Approach

We are not interested in being one-hit-wonders. We want to partner with you and build many projects together over many years and succeed by helping you be successful. We can only add value if we look out for your interests and help you reduce risk, increase profit, and ensure the owner is satisfied with the end result. Our unique approach and past performance has earned us the sole or preferred-provider status with many generator dealers as well as mechanical and general contractors.

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