In today’s high-pressure, competitive environment of fast-track projects with compressed schedules and demanding deadlines, VITΛL FUEL SYSTEMS can provide valuable preconstruction services.

Budgeting, Design-Assistance & Design-Build

Whether you have a napkin with a stickman drawing, 100% construction documents, or a thought in your head driving into the office, let us help you fill in the holes or account for the holes already filled-in with design / budgeting assistance. Our understanding of applicable codes and best practices combined with our experience from having successfully performed almost 1,000 projects can help you stay on track and out of trouble.

“Starting from a single paragraph in the RFP, VITΛL Fuel Systems’ knowledge of fueling systems and ability to work with members of the design team allowed the final product to meet all demands from the US Army Corps of Engineers and our project schedule. Coordination and constructability are common challenges with any design-build subcontract, and VITΛL Fuel Systems exceeded our expectations from buyout to commissioning.”

Adam Rogers, Project Manager
Hensel Phelps Construction Co.

Compress Project Schedules, Reduce Costs & Ensure Greater Performance and Reliability

We have in-house CAD capabilities and can provide design assistance to the owner’s engineer. Additionally, we can provide sealed engineered designs on design-build projects where we take the lead design role. At VITΛL Fuel Systems, Inc., we speak BIM and are routinely employing Building Information Modeling to save time and money on more complex, fast-track mission-critical projects such as data centers to resolve constructability conflicts when they are the least expensive – before it’s installed and somebody has to tear it out and move it.

From the pre-design budget phase through final design, permitting, and construction, with our understanding of equipment and systems, applicable codes / regulations, and best installation practices, we can provide value-added solutions that compress project schedules, reduce costs, and ensure greater system performance and reliability for the owner.

Value Engineering — Because Sometimes Money is Hard to Come By

With owner’s budgets strained more than ever before, VITΛL FUEL SYSTEMS can provide important value-engineering services which can lower project costs while maintaining design integrity. Whether the project is in the design narrative stage or post-bid, let us point you in the right direction if cost is a critical driver of the design or re-design.

Our Job on Bid Day

Our job on bid day is to reliably protect you and help you be competitive by being clear about the scope and price and help you avoid gaps or duplications in your bid.

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