VITΛL Safety Oil Sump with Oil Stop Valve

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What is the VITΛL Safety Oil Sump?

The VITΛL Safety Oil Sump is a very effective way to capture and contain spilled oil. A Safety Oil Sump should be located between a bulk oil storage facility and the rainwater runoff discharge from a site. A specially-designed Oil Stop Valve is located inside the Safety Oil Sump and has a float ballasted to a specific gravity that floats in water and sinks in oil. This valve is kept open and ready by the continuous presence of water in the bottom of the sump. During normal operations, the rainwater runs through the sump and safely discharges. In the event of a spill, the oil drains into the sump causing the Oil Stop Valve float to sink and seat. This seals the outlet, which allows the oil to be contained within the sump and back up into the inlet drain and upstream containment.


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Benefits of the VITΛL Safety Oil Sump

  • No Power Requirements
  • Highly Reliable Gravity Operation (Only one mechanical moving part)
  • Extremely Low Maintenance
  • Flow Rates of up to 1,400 GPM through a single drain pipe
  • Inlets / Outlets from 4” – 12”
  • Fiberglass Construction (Impermeable and Corrosion-Resistant)
  • External Ultraviolet-Stabilized Coating
  • Easy-Access Inspection Lid from Grade (No entry required for inspection)
  • Low Cost Compared to Oil-Water Separators and other Methods

Vital Safety Oil Sump

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